Samuel Israel

Samuel Israel

Samuel Israel, 23, has managed to find himself not only working in journalism but working abroad.

Having graduated in 2015, with a duel degree in journalism and political science. Israel has found a bumpy road to his current position as a journalist in the i24 news station in Jaffa, Israel.

Israel spoke about his career path post graduation and the reasons he decided to come to Loyola.

The following interview has been edited for clarity.

Compass: Did you always want to come to Loyola?

Israel: I went to Loyola for multiple reasons. One reason I went there was because at the time I was a big fan of music journalism and broadcasting. I thought that I was going to be on Rolling Stone and Loyola had a really nice college radio station; it still does. I got a tour of it and I was hooked.

Compass: How was your experience at Loyola?

Israel: I mean my experience was overall pretty good. There were two organizations that I became really involved with; the radio station WLUW and Loyola’s Jewish student organization Hillel.

Compass: Did you feel prepared for the ‘real world’ in journalism?

Israel: I will be honest; I didn’t get a journalism job straight out of college. I was working in promotions and then after that I worked in local government. I didn’t think I would be doing video stuff right now. I thought I would be doing audio and so at this moment I still have a lot more that I am learning everyday at work.

Compass: Currently you are working in Israel, what do you do?

Israel: What I do is I work with the news wires and gather information on stories and essentially help do my part producing pieces for shows for a 24-hour news station…I do video editing and news writing.

Compass: Are you excited to finally be working in journalism?

Israel: Yes. I am. It’s the first job that I am truly enjoying. Like tomorrow, I am working from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. but I am excited to do that.

Compass: How do you like living in Israel?

Israel: It’s good. Even though I am in a Jewish state, and I am Jewish, I do feel like a stranger because there are a lot of experiences that everyone here has had that I haven’t had. It is very, very different.

By Alex Graaff