Nicholas Amatangelo

Nicholas Amatangelo

A Story’s a Story

Nicholas Amatangelo is an anchor/multimedia journalist for KUMV in Williston, North Dakota.

While at Loyola, he focused on sports reporting, working for Rambler Sports Locker and the sports section of the Loyola Phoenix. So after graduation, he didn’t see himself working in a news position.

“When I graduated, sports is what I gravitated toward,” Amatangelo said. “That’s what I wanted to do. I applied to all these sports job. But with sports, it’s a little more difficult to get into than your average news job.”

He had professors review his TV work, cover letters and resume, but he had little success with his search. Soon after, Amatangelo decided it was time to refocus his efforts. He said he realized his search was too narrow, and he began to apply to news positions in markets from ranked size 60 to 210. And within a month and a half, he secured a position.

“Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to applying for jobs,” he suggests. “If you’re struggling, try something different. Your first job might not be ideal, but that doesn’t mean the next one or the one down the line won’t be. It’s just a matter of being flexible.”

And Amatangelo said news reporting isn’t all that different from sports reporting. The transition was easy, as both follow a similar story structure. As he trained for his job, shadowing veteran reporters, he viewed it as more of a review session than a learning session.

“Loyola did a fantastic job of preparing me to take on this job and be able to do it well,” he said. “Loyola did a fantastic job of teaching me how to tell a story. I just had to figure out how to apply it in a different way than I was used to.”

By Travis Cornejo, SoC Web reporter