Cat Languido

Cat Languido, as her name suggests, shares many traits with the most cunning of felines. She is quick and aggressive, seizing any opportunity to further her advantage. And, like a cat, she is a lone prowler, preferring to do her work in her own fashion.

A 2012 graduate of Loyola Univerity Chicago’s School of Communications with a bachelor’s degree in Communications Studies, Languido is a marketing account manager at the social marketing company, Brickfish, located in downtown Chicago.

Originally from Lemont, Illinois, Languido’s slim six-foot tall body, mocha-brown hair and golden skin exhibit energy and personality. Every statement she makes is backed by her ivory-white trademark smile. She is not only pleasant to talk to, but could make something as boring as washing dishes sound fascinating. Her hair is held securely with a mere pair of Hollywood-esque sunglasses perched atop her head.

In less than two years since graduation, Languido has managed to gain experience at a variety of companies, utilizing a vast array skills. Languido’s college experience was unlike most, because she was an NCAA volleyball player.

“Cat Languido was the epitome of a teammate and friend both on and off of the court,” said Arija Inveiss, a former teammate. “She knows how to push herself, which in turn inspires others to work hard. No matter who she comes in contact with, she instantly makes them feel as though they’ve known each other for years, which is a rare quality to possess.”

“I didn’t do any of the internships throughout college, because I was an athlete and my schedule was too crammed,” Languido said.

After graduation, she interned, as a producer for the host of Channel 7’s morning hour-long weekday program “Windy City Live.” “I was the sole producer, since they didn’t have one at the time. Then I ended up being a social media manager as well.”

At “Windy City Live,” Languido produced in the studio, creating and editing content and writing copy for the show. During her time there, she developed a tremendous rapport with her boss, Ji Suk Yi, who transitioned her into a paid, full-time role as a producer after her internship completed. Languido worked for Channel 7 for roughly six months. “Since I knew there was no real upward mobility there, I started to look elsewhere. And I was lucky enough, because my executive producers actually sought out Harpo (Productions Inc.), Oprah Winfrey’s company, and put in a good word for me.”

Languido landed the job as a production assistant at for its weekly hour-long morning talk show, “Super Soul Sunday.”” That is where I really fostered my talents,” Languido said. She learned how to produce content efficiently for a weekly show and honed her writing skills. “I learned a lot there. It was trial by fire.”

As the show’s only production assistant, Languido ended up writing intros and other stories for the show. She also worked with social media and did the legal work necessary to acquire audio and video content or consent of interviewees, etc.

“I learned so much in such a small window of time. So from that, I was like ‘I need to grow somewhere.’ I just didn’t see my 10-year plan at Harpo. Luckily, in communications, you study in an array of things, so you have so many talents. So with that I was capable of getting a marketing and management role for a company called Brickfish, where I am now. And that is social, mobile and digital marketing.”

Brickfish, which began in 2005, is a company that drives engagement and helps launch marketing campaigns for leading brands. They offer a complete package of social media, mobile and digital avenues for growing a brand.

At Brickfish, Languido deals as a marketing account manager, which is “essentially a sexy word for a salesman,” she said. She works on a team developing custom strategies for brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Steve Madden and The North Face.

For Languido, making connections has paid off. “When you get your first job, you knew you aren’t going to be there forever, unless you’re lucky, so make a statement. Build a rapport with your bosses. That is what landed me jobs and gave me chances to realize what I wanted. Your referrals are invaluable.”

The School of Communications taught Languido to speak naturally to people and to write journalistically. “Writing is so important,” said Languido. “You can’t write if you can’t speak well. No one wants to talk to you or hire you.”

Also, in February 2014, she launched her own business, Advocare, a direct-to-consumer dietary supplement sales business. “I started a week ago and I’ve already generated 10 business partners and $1,000. So who knows, that may be my future.”

“Cat knows how to sell you on anything,” said Mary Kate Styler, a new business partner of Languido. “She is just amazing at communicating with people. All she has to do is pitch you an idea, and you are ready to jump in and commit to it.”

Whatever lies in her future, Languido’s cat-like curiosity for making connections with people will never end. “It’s something that transcends jobs. If you can communicate with people, you can do anything in life.”

By: Torey Darin