Nick Gorski

Nick Gorski, a Loyola alum and graphic designer at Walker Sands, took some time to meet with Akanksha Jayanthi at a Starbucks downtown.Success by Design

When Nick Gorski came to Loyola University Chicago in the fall of 2006, he had no idea what career path he wanted to pursue.

“I ended up at Loyola just because I wanted one of my options of places to go to be a city school,” Gorski said. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do in any way, shape or form.”

Four years and a double degree in visual communications and advertising/public relations later, Gorski, 25, graduated from Loyola in 2010 and landed a job with Walker Sands Communications as a senior graphic designer.  This is a move he credits to a little bit of luck and the structure of his degree from the School of Communication.

“The visual stuff was what I felt I had an aptitude for and wanted to pursue. Advertising and public relations helped me learn more about the world of business. I think learning how to actually find a job was a big part of what I got out of my advertising and public relations major,” Gorski said.

His creative visual arts side along with his knowledge of the industry helped lead Gorski to his position today.

While still an undergraduate, Gorski practiced his skills at an internship with Loyola’s University Marketing and Communication team where he was hired as a graphic design intern. The team employs about a dozen student interns every year to do professional work in areas such as graphic design, multimedia, public relations and writing. He said working with this team was one of his favorite parts of his undergraduate experience and was a wonderful opportunity for professional development.

“It was cool to have the university supply all of those internships for students who can really get important work done,” Gorski said.

Outside of career related activities, some of Gorski’s fondest memories include spending time with professors away from the classroom.

“I have some good memories going [to bars] for pitchers of beer after exams with communication professors downtown,” he recalled. “If we had a project due in a night class and everybody was 21, we would do a little drinking with professors.”

That relationship has persisted even in the years after graduation.

“Shout out to Professor [Herb] Ritchell,” Gorski said. “He’s really supportive and I like the way he really takes an effort to keep in touch with us.”

When he was not interning or hanging out with professors, Gorski wrote for the Diversions section of the Loyola Phoenix student newspaper, played intramural sports and was an avid fan of the Loyola Rambler’s basketball team. He still sometimes comes back to campus to watch them play.

But once he nailed down his majors, Gorski turned his focus towards internships and graphic design, a field he said he loves because it brings together a handful of different elements.

“I like the fact that it merges visual stuff with technology stuff,” Gorski said. “I like to produce visual work. Like, I made that and there it is. Bring on the next one.”

By Akanksha Jayanthi