Victoria Recaño

Adam Beach, Victoria RecanoA Star-studded Career

With the warm sun beating down on the sparkling French Riviera city of Cannes, Emmy award winning television personality Victoria Recaño interviews some of the most prominent celebrities from around the globe at the world famous Cannes Film Festival.

Recaño, who studied communication at Loyola University Chicago, realizes in situations such as these she is a long way from her roots back in the Midwest.

From interviews with Barack Obama aboard Air Force One, to riding in race cars with NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. Recaño rarely faces a dull moment.

Originally of Filipino decent, Recaño was born and raised in St. Louis before making her way to Chicago as a freshman at Loyola.

“The location of the downtown campus at Loyola is what really attracted me to the school,” Recaño said.

While at Loyola, Recaño recalls living across the street from the Water Tower Campus in the heart of Chicago and being able to enjoy what the Windy City had to offer.

“Living in the city at a young age was a great learning experience,” Recaño said. “With a great restaurant scene, even better shopping and beautiful attractions like Lake Michigan, there were many things for a college student like myself to do. It was a very fun time.”

She graduated magna cum laude in 1995.

Recaño then moved to San Francisco and landed a job at ZDTV, a station devoted to the technology world. She had the opportunity to interview the likes of Google co-founder Larry Page as well as Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates when their respective companies were just start-ups.

“It was a very interesting time to be a reporter in the bay area,” Recaño said, “The rise of the tech boom was happening before my very eyes. I appreciated the moments, but I didn’t realize just how relevant these people would become.”

Recaño continued to climb the journalism ranks as she then moved to New York City to work for CBS’s Entertainment Tonight, as well as The Insider. Recaño fell in love with the big apple and still calls New York “the favorite place I have lived.”

After five seasons at CBS, Recaño then relocated to Los Angeles and joined the KTLA news team as a co-anchor for the nightly news coverage.

“The transition between celebrity news and nightly news coverage was easy,” Recano said. “The two were so black and white 20 ago, but in today’s society, the news involves celebrities most times.”

Recaño is now the executive producer and host of the online celebrity fashion series The Trend on Zappos Couture, an online clothing store which tops out at one billion dollars in annual sales for women’s fashion. The show consists of Recaño traveling the world in search of the most fashionable clothing styles.

Recano who still lives in Los Angeles is now married and enjoys spending time around the house. She is an avid cook who loves preparing meals for friends and family.

“My specialty dish is definitely chocolate soufflés,” Recano claims.

Recano does not know what the future brings but she is ready for whatever life has to offer.

“A person’s attitude takes them a lot further than one may think. I always try to be optimistic and enjoy myself and the people I surround myself with,” says Recano. “I had that same mindset while I attended Loyola and was able to meet some great friends and become successful in the workplace.”