Brian Rehme


A Man on a Mission

Brian Rehme, a St. Louis native, is an account executive at Fleishman Hillard who graduated from Loyola University Chicago in May 2010 with degrees in public relations and theater.

Compass: What influenced your decision to attend Loyola?

Brian Rehme: I knew I wanted to be in an urban area, but at the same time I still wanted a college feel. I felt that Loyola provided that better than some of the other schools in Chicago. I have access to this huge city and all the excitement and resources there, but at the same time if I want to stay on campus, I still have that community feel of the school.

Compass: What are some of the advantages to going to school and living in Chicago for SOC students?

BR: Being in the city is a huge advantage with Loyola, specifically in marketing and PR [public relations]. It’s great to have that proximity to the real world. Being exposed to that community and having those opportunities; the networking, and internships, and things like that are huge. That’s something that I thought Loyola did a really great job with, bringing guest speakers into the class who were alumni or somehow connected to the school who were working in the specific field in Chicago. I found [that] very valuable and it’s something that I don’t think a lot of other schools do.

Compass: How did you arrive at your current position at Fleishman Hillard ?

BR: I started [career searching] the day after I graduated. I really focused on getting an internship right after graduation and I was lucky to line one up at F&H and then turn that internship into a full time position.

Compass: How do you think that Loyola prepared you for your position at Fleishman Hillard?

BR: Learning how to develop writing skills, certainly with communication, and PR research skills, and some of those basic overall skills that you learn [in the SOC] are definitely important and can be applied in the real world. I think [Loyola] did a really good job of providing those basic skills and providing the initiative to get out of it what you want.

Compass: What do you do on a typical day at work?

BR: No two days are the same at all. I’m in an agency setting so I work with multiple clients as opposed to someone who is in the corporate setting who is working for just that one company. Writing is huge. I write every single day; whether that’s a full length press release, or a multiple page briefing document or article, all the way down to writing a short email. Research skills are huge. I do a lot of research through the day; reading the news, picking up on things and being able to respond to [them].