Katie Brennan

Katie Brennan


Photo by Hannah Jarvis

Katie Brennan is making her mark in Chicago’s marketplace.

Brennan, 25, is a Spark Communications media supervisor. She creates media content ideas for clients to better appeal to their consumers.

In 2010 Brennan received her bachelor’s degree in advertising and public relations from Loyola’s School of Communication. The Columbus, Ohio native describes herself as intelligent, hard working, and a proud Rambler.

As a child, Brennan was involved in helping companies identify and connect with their consumers.

“My dad worked for Bath and Body Works, so I was always involved in some focus group for the company. My parents had a great influence over me because they were so hard working and creative,” Brennan said.

Early exposure to research practices inspired Brennan to pursue a career that allowed her to be creative and analytical.

“I was always interested in PR and marketing and thought it would be a good fit for me as a career,” she said.

“I chose Loyola University because it had many of the requirements I was looking for in a school,” Brennan said.

One of Brennan’s requirements involved location. Her school had to be located in her beloved Midwest and fairly close to home.

“Chicago is only six hours away from home, plus I have family in Wisconsin and the Chicagoland area,” she said.

But location wasn’t the only requirement that was important to Brennan. The environment of the college had to fit her.

“I liked the urban atmosphere, and I saw the advantage of attending a school in a large market city. I thought going to Loyola, I would receive a good education, networking opportunities, and quality internship options being I was located in Chicago,” Brennan said.

In her senior year Brennan was given an internship at Spark Communications. She was later offered employment starting a month after her May 2010 graduation.

“I’m lucky, I work with a great team of people that are fun to work with and creative,” she said.

Even with all of Chicago’s attractions, festivals, and lakefront activities, Brennan remembers the tender and comic moments shared with friends while at Loyola.

“We would eat pizza at The Ashtray or walk at night on the lake,” Brennan said. “I remember we had people who would pull the fire alarm and we had to evacuate my dorm all the time. It happened so much me and my roommate started making tally marks to keep count.”

One of Brennan’s favorite pastimes is wandering through the city for new places of interests. This hobby stems from her days spent touring Chicago with her Rambler friends.

“I’ve been living in Chicago for seven years, and I still find myself going out with friends and finding new cool places to go. Chicago is a great place to explore,” Brennan said.

Brennan gained experience young, and she has developed seeds of wisdom she likes to share with other Ramblers, especially graduating seniors.

“My best advice to students and recent graduates would be don’t be afraid of taking an internship before a full time job. … Put yourself out there and try new things,” Brennan said.